Alyssa with Project Leader Golda during the Ruby in the Rift Project

Alyssa with Project Leader Golda during the Ruby in the Rift Project

Alyssa O’Connor

Alyssa O'Connor is a proud member of the Cross World Africa team. She joined initially as a project manager for Ruby in the Rift, the nonprofit's first menstrual health project which equips school girls in the Rift Valley with a reproductive health education and a Ruby Cup. 

A long-time menstrual cup user, Alyssa recognized the potential of these little silicone products back in College where she competed as an NCAA Division-1 Track and Field Athlete. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Biology and Society, Alyssa focused her efforts on empowering women around the world. Her mission to forward Gender Equity has taken many forms over the years, from conservation to coaching, to clinical work and even holistic medicine. 

After months of planning and 3.5 months in the field with Ruby in the Rift, Alyssa knew that this project was more than just a chapter. After exceeding project goals by working with over 900 girls, she knew she had no choice but to continue her efforts in Kenya. 

Upon her return to the US, she stepped up into the role of Communications Director, and is dedicated to help ignite the flame of change and spread the message of hope through all of Cross World Africa's projects (while not trying to play favorites with the girl empowerment project of course). 

In her free time, Alyssa likes getting lost in the mountains and spending time with her dog Wily.