The Susan Kogo Story

Cows are of great value in Kenya, making them a cherished and sought-after resource. This summer we visited Susan Kogo and we were thrilled to see her thriving with her cow, which CWA donated to her in 2013.

To date, her cow has produced three healthy calves, one of which she donated to another woman in her village. This act of kindness helps maintain the vision of CWA, which is to help others in need and to be a force for positive change. Susan is also in the process of building a permanent house for herself and her family. Her story shows the impact of the Cow project and how it provides women with a source of income and independence.

The Cow/Goat Project is a Gender Equity initiative because CWA ONLY donates Cows & Goats to Kenyan women throughout the Rift Valley.

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