Tablets for Teachers

Robert Kiptoo, former deputy principal of Kamariny Primary and recently appointed deputy principal at Mindilillwo Primary, just checked in with us from the Rift Valley with a beautiful update. In 2018, a team from Cross World Africa returned to Iten with a special gift, this time for the teachers and not just the students.

I am grateful to say that I am privileged to work with Cross World Africa team since the year 2011 to date. In this year’s mission, CWA had a surprise to the teachers of Kamariny primary school. The surprise gift was that each teacher was able to get an Amazon tablet. This has made all teachers to access information in the internet and broaden their knowledge. This will also assist the teaching staff research on various topic, read books online etc, and will boost the teachers in their teaching profession and motivate them to be computer literate.
— Robert Kiptoo

Here at Cross World Africa, we believe in the power of knowledge and the power of teachers to influence the next generation, and we’re doing what we can to spread that message.