Holy Cow

When we say “Holy Cow” about our 2018 project in Kenya, we mean it. As some of you  know, livestock in Kenya is not only considered a sign of wealth, but is a sacred blessing to a family. The goal of Cross World Africa’s “Cow and Goat Project” is to gift women in need, as nominated by community and tribal leaders, with an animal that can allow them to support themselves, take care of their family, and maybe one day generate enough income to build themselves a home. In June 2018, Cross World Africa donated a record number of twenty-one cows, surpassing the previous mark of seven. On top of this, our organization donated thirty-eight goats and sheep and expanded our reach to a small village outside of Kisumu.

The gift of a cow or goat to an impoverished woman in Kenya not only means food for her family, but a source of income as well. The funds raised through the selling of milk, butter, and cheese increases the ability for a woman to support her family. In turn, when that cow gives birth, the calf is given to another needy family in a woman-to-woman giving ceremony, initiating a cycle of economic development and empowerment through livestock.

One of our project leaders, Golda Sawala Ayodo in Kisumu, said it best,

“Providing a cow makes a lifelong dream become true for poor Kenyan women”

In 2019, we plan to expand to a third village in Iten, Kenya.  One cow can change a woman’s life. And with a one-time donation of $500, so can you.