Building Blocks

by Alyssa O’Connor


Towards the end of my time in Kenya leading Cross World Africa’s first menstrual health project, Ruby in the Rift, I had the opportunity to visit our project partner and key distributor, Golda Ayodo, in her small village near Kisumu. Nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, this Kenyan town is green, lush, and full of life. The reason for my trip was multi-faceted. I wanted to visit the home of the Golden Girls Foundation, the organization that has distributed almost 10,000 Ruby Cups in Kenya and helped us with our distributions in the Rift Valley, and I wanted to learn more about Golda’s overall vision for empowering her community.

While I was there, I spent some time at the Golden Foundation Learning Center, a primary school built by fellow Ruby Cup mentors looking to invest in their children’s future. The school’s motto is simple: education for sustainable development. As you will see in the video below, the whole school is structured around this philosophy. From growing its own food to empowering kids through a revolutionary livestock and poultry program, this small village school aims to raise the next generation with a passion and purpose for sustainability.

The Golden Foundation Learning Center started in 2015 and we intended to be a school demonstration program for the rest of the community. We are setting up a school that is self sustainable- you can get food from within, you get kids who are happy, you have teachers that love their jobs, and a community that feels comfortable having a school within.
— Golda Ayodo

When I came back to the states, I couldn’t shake the idea of these kids not having a classroom. I believe in the school, I believe in their mission, and I believe in Golda. To add an existing classroom to the school grounds only costs $1,500. It’s a small price to build up the next generation of Kenya’s leaders.

In a world where everything can be an opportunity for learning, be a building block of the future. Donate to the Golden Foundation Learning Center today!