What Can You Buy with $50?

There’s a lot you can buy with $50.

A new sweater. That gym membership you’ve been putting off. Dinner with a friend. Those odd but useful items in your Amazon cart. A nice bottle of wine. A ski lift ticket. Maybe even two of those super stylin’ double wall insulated water bottles so your water stays ice cold in your hot yoga class.

You know what else you can buy with $50? One full year of meals for a child in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Through our partnership with the YMCA of Kibera, we’re able to make sure their Food Bank is always stocked.

In 2018, donations to Cross World Africa fed 500 children in Kibera from infant to 15 years old for two meals a day, Monday through Saturday, for a whole year. How many bellies can we fill in 2019?

With your help, one more child.