The Building Blocks Project

Providing education opportunities is part of Cross World Africa’s mission. CWA believes that the most effective method to ending inequality in our world is through the education of young people. That is why CWA has partnered with one of our local project leaders, Golda Ayoda. Golda is from Kisumu, Kenya, and is a local champion of education and gender equality. She helped spearhead our Ruby in the Rift project, and conducts menstrual health workshops for young women all over the Rift Valley. With a PhD from the University of Nairobi, Golda has put her passion for learning into a profession for change.

In 2015, Golda founded the The Golden Foundation Learning Center, a primary school that combines a traditional education curriculum with practical sustainability applications. The school’s motto is “Sustainability for Development”, a philosophy that is put into practice with students being provided livestock that they must learn to raise and care for. As the students’ progress through the grade levels, their responsibility for taking care of livestock grows. Students may start out with a chicken one year, a goat the next, and Golda’s goal is to eventually provide older students with cows.

Cross World Africa visits Golda Ayoda at the Golden Learning Center. Located in Masago, a small village outside of Kisumu, Kenya, this school is rooted in sustainability principles and fosters learning through creative practice.

In rural western Kenya, owning livestock has enormous economic and social importance. The milk sold from a cow can provide a family with the money to afford school fees for their children. This benefit is the driving force behind Golda’s school, as it creates a self-sustaining cycle that benefits families economically, which in turn ensures that the students can progress through and complete their education.

The Golden Foundation Learning Center is growing, but that growth is creating new challenges for Golda. Her compound does not have enough space to teach the children effectively, and she is in need of new facilities in order to keep her program moving forward. CWA created the Building Blocks Project to help meet this challenge.

The Building Blocks Project will attempt to build new classrooms for the school each year. In time, this project aims to construct an entire new facility for the Golden Learning Foundation, one that can house both a primary and secondary school. CWA will also link its other programs with this school in order to provide scholarships and livestock donations to the students. Sustainability is essential to Kenya’s healthy growth and future, and the Golden Learning Center embodies this much needed philosophy.

CWA is committed to seeing Golda’s vision come to life! If you are interested in assisting, please consider donating by clicking the donation button at the top right of the page. For more information about Golda Ayoda and her foundation, please read our recent Blog Post by clicking on the Link below:

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