Thundering HERD Athlete Bio:


Chris Granberg

Not too long ago, I was an up to a two pack a day smoker and pretty much a couch potato.  Then on Father’s Day 2013, after struggling to walk around Burke Lake, I came to the hard realization that something had to change for my wife, daughters, and myself.  So the next day I strapped on a pair of old kicks and headed out.  This year I’ll be running my fifth MCM and sixth marathon overall.  For me, running has opening up new experiences, friendships, and opportunities.  And a great way to support and give back to organizations seeking to make a difference in our world.  That is why I’m excited to be a part of The Herd to help raise more than $21,000 to support CWA's efforts in Kenya, including: the "Cow and Goat Project," secondary school scholarships, classroom construction, funding for local food banks, and menstrual health workshops.