Kibera Scholarships

Clinging to the outskirts of Nairobi is Kibera. This sprawling community of tin shacks and trash heaps is called home by over 2 million Kenyans, making Kibera the second largest urban slum in the world. Poverty is a visceral experience here, where years of disenfranchisement, failed public policies, and hostile tribalism have perpetuated this community's suffering. A dire lack of educational opportunities are also why the children of Kibera never to seem to escape its grip. That is why Cross World Africa has partnered with Kibera's YMCA schools to give these innocent lives a fighting chance for a better future.         

Cross World Africa overlooking Kibera in Nairobi Kenya

Sponsor a Child

Each scholarship funds a full year of education for a child living inside Kibera. Specifically, these scholarships cover school fees, uniform costs, academic supplies and even daily meals. This allows a sponsored child to continue their education, bringing them another year closer to escaping the heartbreaking conditions of Kibera. One of the principle reasons why children fail to finish school in East Africa are because their families cannot afford it. By sponsoring a child, you help CWA forward its mission of defeating inequality through opportunity. Each child will be taught in the safe and accredited YMCA schools located throughout Kibera, as well as mentored and encouraged by CWA's volunteer teams and partners. There are few opportunities as life-changing as an education.  

$700 per year*

*Each Scholarship will cover a full year of school fees, provide daily meals and clothing, as well as tutoring and mentorships.

Kibera Child Scholarship

Cross World Africa addressing students at Kamobo Secondary School

Kamobo Education Project

Situated just outside Kapsabet, at the feet of the Nandi Hills, is the small village of Kamobo. This region of Kenya has been called home by dozens of elite athletes since the nation's independence, and CWA's early connection with Olympic gold medalist Peter Rono has made this secondary school a longtime partner with the foundation. Kamobo Secondary is a rural school that is plagued by lack of funding and lack of resources. That is why Cross World Africa has endeavored to fund scholarships and projects for the students and the school since 2007. Each year CWA offers scholarships to families that cannot afford to continue their children's education. In 2012, following the Kenyan government's commitment to provide electricity to the region, CWA began building a computer lab for Kamobo Secondary. It is CWA's hope that this new facility and these scholarships will help to ensure equality spreads throughout Kenya's rural highlands.

    $500 per child*

Each Kamobo Scholarship funds a year of tuition at Kamobo Secondary School. This fund also covers the costs of uniforms and academic supplies.

Kamobo Scholarship

Cross World Africa tutoring students in Kenya

SAT Prep Program

Cross World Africa has partnered with LetsGetReady, an American company dedicated to providing SAT test preparation to low-income students. LetsGetReady has generously donated their award winning test materials to CWA, which in turn has provided them to students and schools throughout Kenya's Rift Valley Province. Over the past decade, CWA team members have provided these resources to Kenyan high school aged students and teachers, also creating study programs to better prepare these students for scoring well on the SAT exam. Many Universities within the United States have developed programs that allow gifted Kenyan students to earn scholarships, provided that they first complete the SAT exam. CWA SAT Prep Program ensures that rural high schools are aware of this life-changing opportunity for their students and are given the resources necessary for their success.

Cross World Africa with students from Moi girls primary
Cross World Africa with students from St. Patricks Iten

KENSAP Mentor Project

Cross World Africa has partnered with the KENSAP program to better prepare brilliant young Kenyans for the challenges they will face while being US University Students. KENSAP scholar-athletes are among the top students in East Africa, and almost all of them hail from difficult backgrounds. Through the inspiring work of the KENSAP program, these young Kenyan men and women have earned scholarships to many of America's elite Universities (for a full list of acceptances click here). Although all of these children have the intelligence to succeed at America's best colleges, few are prepared for the culture shock and social challenges. That is why the CWA team helps to provide college mentors for these students. Many of the CWA mentors are currently enrolled at the school's KENSAP students will attend, and they help to provide guidance, support and enduring friendships for these students. CWA also organizes a graduation banquet each year in Iten, Kenya to celebrate the outgoing KENSAP class. Their's is an incredible accomplishment and one that CWA is proud to support.  

Cross World Africa KENSAP banquet
Having fun at the Cross World Africa KENSAP banquet