Marine Corps Marathon


Cross World Africa is organizing a team to run at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon! All funds raised will go directly to our local projects in Kenya.

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Marvin Fisher - friend of CWA Team Leader Eric Garvin - describes the concept of “Just One More”, as well as his inspiration for his own personal commitment to volunteerism.

CWA Team Leader Spotlight:

Eric Garvin and “A Life of Giving Back”

Cross World Africa is a foundation dedicated to bringing hope and opportunity to communities that need it most. This mission is made possible by our team of extraordinary individuals who are serious about giving more than they get. CWA Board President Eric Garvin embodies this generosity, and we we’re thrilled to see that his commitment to serving others is being recognized by the very institutions which serve the United States of America. The US Air Force has honored Eric in a published video and article for his both his service to his country and his desire to give back to humanity.

To learn more about Eric’s story and his role in carrying out Cross World Africa’s mission, please click on the video above or article button below:

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