Cross World Africa Inc.

Impact Statement

CWA is dedicated to empowering people in impoverished rural communities in Kenya.  All of our projects are aimed at putting individuals on a self-sustaining path, one that achieves a greater sense of self-esteem and fulfillment while laying the foundation for financial independence.  Another principle focus-area of CWA’s mission is to help empower females. CWA has initiated a series of projects that support global gender equity and empowerment. To accomplish our mission and objectives, we organize our projects under three major categories (Entrepreneur, Health and Education) to build local capacity in Kenya.


  • Livestock   

    • Impact:   Livestock in Kenya is not only considered a sign of wealth, but is a sacred blessing to a family. The goal of Cross World Africa’s “Cow and Goat Project” is to gift women in need, as nominated by community leaders, with an animal that can allow them to support themselves, take care of their family, and maybe one day generate enough income to build themselves a home.


  • Menstrual Health Workshops

    • Impact: In Kenya, 65% of girls and women can’t afford menstrual products, which leads to missed school and high dropout rates. Through our menstrual health initiative, we equip high school girls with a Ruby Cup, a menstrual product that lasts for 10 years, and a comprehensive reproductive health education.


  • Scholarships   

    • Impact:   Our scholarship program pays for Full 4 Year Scholarship for High School (Day Secondary School in Kenya) education for needy students in rural and urban areas of Kenya, which gives these promising young men and women a fighting chance to focus on their studies and attend a university and liberate themselves and families from the grip of poverty.

  • Building Classrooms

    • Impact:   This new project aims to build a classrooms (grades 1-12) in Masogo, a small village outside the city of Kisumu. Founded on principles of sustainable development, the Golden Foundation Learning Center  believes that early childhood education is the key to empowering the next generation.

  • Feeding the Future

    • Impact:  Located in Kibera, the second largest slum in the world, the local YMCA is a safe haven in a world of uncertainty and extreme poverty. CWA’s donation to their food bank pays for over fifty percent of the YMCA’s annual budget needs, enabling them to feed five hundred children of all ages two meals a day, six days a week, for one year.  By feeding these kids, CWA is giving them a fighting chance to grow up strong and healthy.