Thundering HERD Athlete Bio:


Jack Berkebile

I am an American Airlines B767 International Captain and fly throughout the world. Like my good friend, old running buddy,  and classmate from the USAFA (‘81 2nd to None!) Darren McKnight I was drawn to Cross World Africa’s mission.  I have been very lucky in my life.  I was blessed with a strong mother who taught me discipline and hard work and 5 older overachieving siblings who led the way.  I didn’t live with my father but his remarkable aviation career, US Navy pilot in 3 wars and a Chief Pilot at American Airlines, showed me what was possible.  My wife Dolly is a Delta Air Lines B777 International Pilot and USAF Major who flew in the first Gulf War.  I was lucky to always have direction and achievable goals plus support from Dolly and my family when I needed it.  I see poverty on a grand scale on many of my trips to South America, the Far East and Africa.  When I read that CWA’s core belief was that “the only way to overcome inequality is through opportunity” I knew I had to help.  I have had that opportunity. I turned 60 in January so we’ll see if Darren and I can survive a marathon once more! I am reminded of Teddy Roosevelt’s famous quote about “The man in the arena”.  If we fail, at least we fail daring greatly!