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The Kenyan Scholar-Athlete Partnership

Cross World Africa has partnered with the KENSAP (the Kenyan Scholar-Athlete) program to better prepare brilliant young Kenyans for the challenges they will face while being US University Students. KENSAP scholar-athletes are among the top students in Kenya, and almost all of them come from difficult backgrounds. Through the inspiring work of the KENSAP program, these young Kenyan men and women have earned scholarships to many of America's elite Universities (for a full list of acceptances click here). Although all of these youths have the intelligence to succeed at America's best colleges, few are prepared for the culture shock and social challenges. That is why the CWA team helps to provide college mentors for these students. Many of the CWA mentors are currently enrolled at the school's KENSAP students will attend, and they help to provide guidance, support and enduring friendships for these students. CWA also organizes a graduation banquet each year in Iten, Kenya to celebrate the outgoing KENSAP class. Their's is an incredible accomplishment and one that CWA is proud to support.  

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