"Ruby in the Rift" Project Details

"RUBY IN THE RIFT" is a Menstrual Health Management project (MHM) that will be conducted from early January to late March at select primary schools throughout the Uasin Gishu and Elgeyo-Marakwet Counties.

These counties outline some of the most rural regions of western Kenya. Situated atop the Elgeyo Escarpment, which forms the western wall of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, this area is called home by subsistence farmers and fledgling business owners. Most of the population is Kalenjin, and nearly 70% fall below the World Bank's international poverty line.  

Working with local primary schools (kindergarten to eighth grade in the US) in both counties, CWA will orchestrate a series of educational workshops focused on Menstrual Health Management. With the help of Ruby Life Limited, maker of the Ruby Cup, CWA will deliver 200 menstrual cups to adolescent girls via educational workshops.


The educational workshops conducted by CWA will be led by Project Leader Alyssa O'Connor, along with local teachers and parents. Each individual workshop will have between 10 and 40 girls in attendance. The purpose of these workshops is to provide a safe space for adolescent girls to learn about menstrual health management. Every girl will be educated on the proper way to use and maintain her Ruby Cup, which lasts for over ten years with proper care. The workshops will also serve as a means of empowering these young women to overcome the challenges they will soon face after graduating primary school. 

The "Ruby in the Rift" project will be carefully monitored, broadcasted and evaluated by CWA over the course of three months. Project Leader Alyssa O'Connor will be making weekly updates from the field using a variety of modern media; allowing our partners, members, and donors to witness "Ruby in the Rift" unfold in real time. CWA will simultaneously be monitoring the educational workshops and compiling data for a Quantitative study. This study will help evaluate the effectiveness of the workshops, and also highlight the potential benefit of menstrual cups for MHM efforts across the globe. Most importantly, "Ruby in the Rift" will develop a network of local parents, teachers and administrators who can serve as a support group for graduates of our Workshops. The benefit of this network will be enormous. The taboos and stigmas surrounding menstruation are most painfully felt by women left in isolation. "Ruby in the Rift" will not only provide a platform for female empowerment and MHM, but also ensure that no girl feels alone during her period.    

"Ruby in the Rift" promises to be a powerful project that can bring about real change and opportunity to a small corner of Western Kenya. In time, "Ruby in the Rift" can grow to include more towns, more communities, and more deserving young women. The potential benefits of this project are infinite, but unfortunately our resources are not.

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