Cross World Africa Project Leaders

Cross World Africa, Inc. advances its mission in Kenya through the help of our talented and dedicated project leaders. These community leaders, activists and visionaries share CWA's commitment to ending inequality in East Africa. They also ensure that our community development projects are informed by local knowledge and suggestions. Our principle goal is to help develop local communities in a sustainable and empowering way, and these incredible individuals turn that goal into reality.

Project Leader Videos

Robert Kiptoo

Robert Kiptoo is a deputy headmaster at Kamariny Primary School located in rural, Western Kenya.  He has helped facilitate numerous CWA project's over the years, and has been an integral part of building trust and relationships between CWA and local communities.

Benadette Tiony

Cross World Africa project leader Benedatte Tiony is a local veterinarian who helps manage the CWA Cow and Goats Livestock Projects. She has been working with CWA since its founding.

Alyssa O'Connor

Alyssa O'Connor is the project leader of "Ruby in the Rift", CWA's first menstrual hygiene management workshop. Alyssa works with local schools in teachers throughout the Rift Valley to help bring puberty guidance and sanitary materials to young girls growing up in poverty.

Toby Tanser

Toby Tanser has been a force for good in rural Kenya since the late 90's. His foundation Shoe4Africa has built multiple schools and East Africa's first public children's hospital. CWA has been fortunate to connect our project's and mission with Toby's, and we're honored to have his support.