Run with the HERD 

at the

Marine Corps Marathon


Cross World Africa’s Marine Corps Marathon Team is known as the HERD…

The HERD is a group of inspiring individuals who are willing to brave 26.2 miles in order to help young children and families in Western Kenya. Running with the HERD means that an individual pledges to train and compete at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon, and in the process fundraise for a series of CWA sponsored projects meant to provide entrepreneurial and educational opportunities in Iten and Kisumu, Kenya. These projects are in keeping with the CWA mission and are always locally managed by community leaders. The HERD will be running to raise money for each of the following projects this year. 100% of every donation made to a HERD runner goes to completing these projects. Additionally, funds that are raised will cover the administrative costs of running the Marine Corps Marathon - allowing our runners to focus their time on training for the race without having to incur any costs associated with running the marathon. (To view more information about each project, please click on the title):

Total HERD Fundraising Goal = $30,000.

  1. Cow and Goat Project

    Livestock in Kenya is not only considered a sign of wealth, but is a sacred blessing to a family. The goal of Cross World Africa’s “Cow and Goat Project” is to gift women in need, as nominated by community and tribal leaders, with an animal that can allow them to support themselves, take care of their family, and maybe one day generate enough income to build themselves a home.

    The HERD will seek to raise enough money to purchase 15 Cows ($500 each) and 25 Goats ($45 each).

  2. Secondary School Scholarships:

    Education in Kenya is a ladder to success, but it can also be expensive, especially for rural families. The HERD’s fundraising efforts will provide 10 scholarships ($500 each) to boys and girls in impoverished areas of Kenya. Each Scholarship pays 1-2 years of High School education for a Kenyan Student in rural and urban areas of Kenya, which gives these promising young students a fighting chance to attend a University and liberate themselves and their families from the grip of poverty.

  3. Building Blocks Project:

    CWA believes in the power of education, which is why we have joined forces with local community leader Golda Ayoda to help construct new classrooms for the Golden Learning Center in Kisumu Kenya. The HERD will be running help build two new classrooms for the schools 3rd and 4th grade classes (each classroom costs $1500). For more information about this school and our project leader Golda, please watch our video HERE.

  4. Feeding the Future:

    CWA works with local organizations in the Kibera slums to help ensure that children never go to school hungry. The HERD will be running to raise $3000 for the YMCA Kibera Food Bank. This amount to the food bank will pay for over 50% of the YMCA’s annual budget needs, enabling it to feed 500 children of all ages two meals a day, six days a week, for one year.  By feeding these kids, Cross World Africa is giving them a fighting chance to grow up strong and healthy, and focus on their education instead of worrying where to find their next meal.

  5. Menstrual Health Workshops:

    Menstrual Health is serious challenge for Kenyan women, especially among adolescent girls trying to complete their education. CWA’s Ruby in the Rift program organizes workshops at schools that are designed to help educate young girls about puberty and provide them with Menstrual Hygiene Products to help ensure they stay in school and stay healthy. The HERD will be running to raise $2000 for these MHM workshops (each workshop costs $400).

    Every HERD runner is charged with fundraising for these 5 projects. Donations can be made on behalf of a HERD runner by clicking the button below:

Running With the HERD Race and Participation INFORMATION

Click HERE for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon Application

Location: Washington D.C.

Race Date: October 27th, 2019

Initiative: Cross World Africa (CWA) is looking for passionate and dedicated individuals interested in running a marathon and being a force for change in this world. Founded in 2007, CWA is a nonprofit guided by the power of hope and belief in the the ability of education and entrepreneurship to change lives in urban and rural communities in Kenya.

In exchange for your pledge to fundraise for our mission, you will receive a free and guaranteed entry to one of the largest and most popular marathons in the world (a $236 value!), a race day t-shirt, and more! You can donate to the general fund, which is distributed across the projects, or focus on one of our projects that speaks to you.

Do you have what it takes to Run with the Herd?

We are honored that you are interested in dedicating your marathon to help raise awareness for the CWA mission.  

Step 1: Fill out our MCM application. We will contact you when your application has been received and approved.

2019 Marine Corps Marathon CWA Application

Step 2: Set your fundraising and race days goals. Get ready to make the commitment to yourself, your training, and the people in need in Kenya counting on you.

Step 3: Fundraise! Write a letter, post on Facebook, busk, have a bake sale- the opportunities are endless and the sky is the limit. You can direct potential donors to our Take Action donation page, or click the Donate button above.

Step 4: Train, train, train!

Step 5: Make a difference, Complete a marathon, and Run with the Herd.

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) partners with many qualified 501(c)3 organizations affording them the platform to raise awareness and funds through runner participation in the MCM. Annually, the MCM generates millions of dollars for numerous charitable causes. Known as 'the best marathon for beginners,' the MCM is the largest marathon in the world that doesn't offer prize money, earning its nickname, “The People's Marathon.” For more information on the Marine Corps Marathon, click here.

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