Thundering HERD Athlete Bio:


Tim Hawes

I am a Senior Principle System Engineer working for Integrity Applications, Inc. where I support the US Government in acquiring space systems.  I have been running short distances since high school and really enjoy the health balance that it adds to my life, but (like my classmate and HERD teammate, Darren McKnight) have not "run a marathon this century."  My daughter, Sara, and I have run races together through her high school sports and college days with thoughts of longer distance at a future point so this HERD opportunity is perfect.  I am running the Marine Corps Marathon to support the Cross World Africa programs that are making such a huge difference in Tanzania and Kenya.  Their efforts to provide classrooms, scholarships, food and livestock to the neediest citizens of these areas is compelling and sparked me to rise to the challenge of our USAFA classmate, Eric Garvin, who has been giving to others since I first knew him.  I congratulate and credit Eric with providing the vision and encouragement to enable creation of this HERD.