Over the past decade, Cross World Africa has been committed to improving the wellbeing of children, women and families across East Africa...


Our Mission

It begins with a core belief; that the only way to overcome inequality is through opportunity. Cross World Africa has abided by this principle since 2007 and has created a variety of projects that bring tangible change to where it's needed most. Through micro-enterprise, educational advancement, and community building, our team has endeavored to improve the lives of East Africa's most disenfranchised... with inspiring results. Below is an overview of CWA's various projects conducted over the years, as well as a documentary illuminating the powerful impact made by our team. Their work is a testament to the power of hope. 

How We've Helped

  • Over 75 families have been directly provided with livestock by CWA. 
  • CWA has raised over $100,000 for its projects and partners, funds that bring real change into East African communities. 
  • CWA has sent dozens of volunteers and interns into impoverished communities throughout Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, each helping to identify needs and manage projects.
  • In 2008 CWA partnered with LetsGetReady in order to provide SAT study materials to East African students.    
  • CWA has sponsored the education of 10 children in the poverty stricken regions of Kibera and Kamobo.  
  • CWA has helped create the first computer lab in the Kamobo secondary school. 
  • With the help of Cornell University, CWA has provided athletic equipment to numerous schools located in Kenya's Rift Valley region.
  • Each year CWA partners with the KENSAP foundation and Shoe4Africa charity, furthering the opportunities afforded to East Africa's families.