Will Grant

Thundering HERD Athlete Bio:


Will Grant

My name is Will Grant I’m a recently retired Marine who has started a new career with American Airlines. In fact, I just finished initial training this week. I live in San Diego and am based out of LAX. 

Based off the HERD BIOs I read, I have no doubt I have the lowest i.q. of the group. However, what I lack in intelligence, I hope to make up with in speed...Ha!

Anyway, it was during airline training that I responded to Jack Berkebile’s hastily posted flier looking for volunteers to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Even better, it was going to be in support of a neat charity organization. I hope to learn a lot more about CWA over the next few months and I’m looking forward to raising as much money as I can while running my fourth Marine Corps Marathon. I have lots of family and friends in the D.C. area so I’m super excited for the new goals and the race in October.